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When will it be over?

Giving children HOPE during a pandemic

Over the past school term, fully in lockdown, I've had many children and adults ask me this question. I've asked myself too. Sometimes I cannot decide if time is going fast or slow. It seems to be both, simultaneously.

The Australian Childhood Foundation have some fantastic resources for families and schools to help support children during these challenging times.

I recently came across this lovely true story they shared called Edna May. It is about a young Australian girl who lived through the Spanish flu in 1918. Edna is still living in Victoria today - 106 years old!

If you consider that back in 1918 the technology and medical science was no-where near as advanced as it is today, there is great hope that we will get through this. It won't be quickly and sadly, it won't be without losses. But chances are, lots of our children today will have their own 'Edna May' story in 100 years time.

Maybe your family could start writing or videoing their story of survival and resilience now?

If you or someone you know needs to talk further about this, I invite you to contact me at Natural Growth childhood counselling.


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