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Feeling overwhelmed, numb, confused?

Grief can do that to us.

With support, you won't always feel this way.

You might have heard that grief includes feelings of denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance, and it does.


They don't occur in a neat, ordered line. Grief is tangled and messy and everyone experiences different 'doses' of these feelings, at different times and durations.

No matter your age or gender,

I'm ok with your tears.​

You might like my grief support if...

  • You love your family and friends, but need someone unrelated to chat with; or

  • You're not feeling heard or understood; or

  • You haven't been able to tell others about your grief; or

  • Others are saying you 'should' be over it by now;

  • You're anticipating the loss of a loved one (common when a loved one receives a diagnosis such as cancer or dementia for example); or

  • A child in your family (or your class) has been diagnosed with a life-limiting condition; or

  • You're unsure how to support a grieving child; or

  • You've been trying to hide your grief for many years; or

  • You're a medical professional and need to process the death of a patient; or

  • You're grieving alone.


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I can
with the

You can't heal a wound that's been denied.

Play & Talk

Walk & Talk

Sit & Talk

Bereavement or Grief Counselling
is available for
children, teens and adults
Initial 90min session - $180
Standard 60min session - $130
Parent update sessions (when I work with your child) 60min - $130
No GP referral required.
No Mental Health Treatment Plan required.

Fees, Cancellation & No-Show Policy

Payment is due via direct deposit prior to the session.
If you are unable to make your appointment, a rescheduled time will be offered.
Late cancellations, within 24hrs, or no-shows may be subject to 50% of the session fee.

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