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Unsure what this whole
counselling thing is all about?
Read on...


I want to be honest with you, this is a working relationship which means it requires trust, commitment, hard work and yes, money.

You'll probably be a little nervous, worried what I might think of you as a person, as a parent. That's exactly what I worried about too when I first saw my therapist. But, I have enough, wisdom, empathy and compassion to not judge you based on the small percentage of your life that I get the privilege of hearing about.

Quick-fix bandaid solutions are not my thing,

because it doesn't take much for a bandaid to come off.

Once you've connected with me via a FREE 15 min introduction chat, I'm going to email you a copy of the Terms and Conditions and a basic intake form where you have an opportunity to give me a little information before we meet in person. I'll send you an invoice a couple of days before our catch-up and gratefully thank you for paying via direct transfer before we start our meeting.

You're going to say whatever you need to say and I'm going to listen. I'm probably going to make you a little uncomfortable when I sit with silence for a longer than you think is normal. Being reflective is part of the therapy.

You might shed some tears, your stomach might feel knotted as you experience a tangle of emotions. This is fantastic. This means we're heading in the right direction to start collaborating on tools and strategies.

If I'm working with your child... I'm working with you too.


If your child is under 16yrs (sometimes 18yrs), you and I are going to have a parent update meeting first, without their young ears listening in. Why?

  • So you have the opportunity to say exactly what's concerning you regarding them and they don't have to hear loved ones talking about them in a way they feel is negative.

  • Because human brains aren't fully developed until our mid-20's so we cannot expect children to remember strategies or do them correctly and consistently without help.

  • Because when a child has challenges, quite often the most effective strategies are the loving adults in their life doing some things differently - not because you were doing things wrong, but because for your child in this situation, in this moment in time, it wasn't working.

After the initial session, you may or may not be present with your child - we'll decide on this together. After a number of sessions, it might be beneficial for us to have another parent update catch-up.

When I'm with your child, I'm going to engage them though play as well as chatting. we might use the playground equipment or I might bring along some games, toys, or fun, sensory stuff to use.

Children learn and express themselves through play.

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