Supporting anyone involved in the care and growth of young people

  • Children

  • Parents & Carers

  • Teachers  & Education Support Workers

  • Primary School Counsellors

  • Preschools

No GP referral required

No Mental Health Treatment Plan required


What is meant by Natural Growth?

Challenges including grief and loss, and uncomfortable feelings such as anxiety or stress, are a natural part of life. They come with being human.
All of us need some extra support sometimes, even if it is just having someone to listen to us without any judgement.
NaturalGrowth Childhood Counselling I support children and those who care for children, to continue to grow and experience a fulfilling life, despite these challenges. This is facilitated by:


  • ​Being outdoors in nature walking, playing or sitting in parks

  • Building coping strategies around natural strengths

Nurturing using nature


Being exposed to nature has benefits for mental, physical and emotional wellbeing.

As an alternative to meeting in a room or via tele-counselling, if appropriate, we offer the option of meeting in a park to walk & talk or sit for a chat & cuppa in a park shelter. There are several locations available which will be discussed when booking your session.

Nurturing through play


Counselling that incorporates play, movement and sensory materials can help children relax and engage with the process. Play and exploration are natural elements of childhood.

Challenges Supported with Counselling

Bereavement due to death of a loved one or pet      

Coming to terms with a chronic illness

Parenting after death of a partner

Strengthening child and parent / carer connections

Anxiety about becoming a parent

Finding work-life balance as a teacher

General anxiety

School anxiety

Supporting wellbeing for preschoolers starting 'big school'

Concerns about attending school camp


Time management for young people at high school, TAFE or university


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non-counselling support options on offer.