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For grieving or bereaved adults, youth or children needing a space to acknowledge and process their grief.


For brave, reflective adults wanting to explore the impact of their own childhood on who they are now as an adult or parent.

For children, youth or adults needing a space to ignite their bravery and tame their anxiety.

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Therapy doesn't need to be in a room.

Play & Talk

Walk & Talk

Sit & Talk

The joy of finding therapy that feels natural

Sometimes being human is really hard for all of us. When those hard times occur, you don't want to be treated like you're weird or unwell, and you certainly don't want to be considered 'broken', in need of fixing. If you're a parent, you don't want this for your child either.

Perhaps instead you might need to:

  • Shed some tears and talk about a deceased loved one (human or pet) without the concern of upsetting someone. Allow me to acknowledge your grief and support you to grow well around your grief.

  • Be supported on your journey with a child who has a life-limiting condition.

  • Process your grief from a loss that was not a death. 

  • Process a tragic accident, event or health situation.

  • Find ways to feel less overwhelmed and stressed with life or parenting.

  • Explore the messages you were given as a child and let go of the ones no longer serving you well.

  • Tame your anxiety symptoms and find your inner warrior, or help your child find theirs.

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Thanks for stopping by

I'm Joanne (Jo), a deep-thinking clinically-registered counsellor with lots of curiosity and a love of noticing the little things in life. I literally will stop and smell the roses when I'm out and about.

If you're like me, you enjoy moving, feeling the warmth of the sun or a gentle breeze on your face. You're possibly even open to being outdoors hearing the hypnotic sounds of a summer shower and that magic smell of freshness when the shower passes. For me, outside is where my wellbeing gets recharged and if you're still here reading, maybe this is your thing too.

"Ah, no it's not Jo" I hear you say. "I'm still reading because I want some support." Fair point. with one click of the button here, you can find out more about me and how you and I can do that together.

Grief is simultaneously
universal yet deeply personal.

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