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Recharge Nibbles for Teachers

Everyone knows good self-care is important.

It nurtures us right down to a cellular level. It involves nutrition, physical activity and movement, sleep, socialising, time alone, being in tune with your body, being outside, brain stimulation, self-compassion, physical health, mental health and spiritual nutrition. I'm exhausted listing all of those!

Which brings us to the reality - it can be really difficult to find time for all of this, especially if you work full-time (and I include being a stay-at-home parent in that). You then run the risk of doing nothing.

So instead of doing nothing, let's think creatively and use the time and resources you do have. Like any big task or project, breaking it into smaller 'bite-size' chunks can be less overwhelming and more achievable.

Did you know? Vitamin D helps reduce inflammation and inflammation is involved in every chronic condition including anxiety, type 2 diabetes, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, cardio-vascular disease...

I have designed the following ideas specifically with teachers in mind but many of them can be adapted for anyone in any work situation.

5 minute recharge nibbles for the school day

  • Take a collective breath - Between lessons (or any time the class is becoming unsettled), stop and invite everyone to breathe 3 slow, quiet breaths. You've probably heard of 'herd immunity', well this is 'herd calming'. After introducing it a few times to your class, you will then only need to show a hand signal or say 'let's take a collective breath' and they will know what you mean.

  • Eat some veggie snacks - Most primary schools have some variety of 'munch and crunch' during class time where children are encouraged to eat a healthy fruit or veggie snack. I invite you to do the same for your own benefit but also as a great role-modelling opportunity. you could even do a brief maths lesson charting which is the most popular fruit and veggie each day.

  • Park you car just a little further away - This will get you a little extra walking each day and is great for energising you at the start of the day. At the end of the day, walk a little slower back to your car if possible and notice everything around you - trees, flowers blossoming, smells from food shops...

  • Put up a 'happy place photo' in your classroom - A photo of somewhere that makes you smile and feel good. Look at it whenever you need to regulate yourself.

  • Three things I did well - At the end of each day, privately acknowledge 3 things you did well or were proud of yourself about today. I invite you to start a journal for this either in a note-book or on your phone. The benefit - you can remind yourself you are a good teacher on those days that are particularly challenging.

For lots more 'recharge nibbles', click here...

Recharge Nibbles for Teachers
Download PDF • 2.82MB

Feeling like you could benefit from a little extra support? I invite you to connect with me,

Take care, you're worth it!



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