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Nurture with Nature

There is increasing scientific evidence pointing to the benefits of nature on mood, health and creativity. Nature is full of amazing sights, sounds, textures, smells and tastes. Nature can help us to find connection with ourselves, with others and to life.

Bringing a little nature into your 'everyday'...

  • Eat a meal outside.

  • Meet a friend for a coffee in a park or walk and talk.

  • Join an outside fitness or yoga group.

  • Take photos of plants, insects, rivers, the beach, animals, rural landscapes, sunsets and sunrises. Look back on them when you can't get outside.

  • Watch a nature documentary.

  • Add an indoor plant to your work or relaxation space.

  • Plant a veggie garden.

  • Collect natural items (where allowed), such as shells, and put them on display.

  • Play outside with pets.

  • Allow children to build forts and cubby houses outside.

  • Go for a walk around the block.

  • Click here to see my 'Nature Spotto Walk'.

Nature Spotto Walk
Download PDF • 1.51MB

  • Have a sandpit or sand tub to play in or just to slowly move your hands through.

  • Make a 3D mandala from natural items.

  • Look at the clouds and watch them move.

A mindful moment of nature bathing

  • Stand outside, perhaps in a park or reserve. Stop and be still. Notice the obvious sounds then listen longer for the quieter sounds. Hear the bird song or the movement of rusting leaves. Notice the colours and textures, the insects moving, the shape of flower petals and leaves, the breeze or warmth of the sun on your body. Take a deep, slow breath and be energised.


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