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Making Memory Baubles with Children who are Grieving at Christmas

The death of a loved one at any time of year brings about gut-wrenching grief. As we approach significant holiday times, anniversaries, birthdays, year 6 or 12 farewells, etc, the grief can feel much more intense, particularly in the first year. This is normal.

Making a memory bauble is a beautiful, therapeutic way for children and a loved one (or counsellor) to talk about the deceased person in a safe, non-threatening way. even if there are no words said, it's a lovely 'connection' opportunity.

Tears are ok

The materials needed for this activity are inexpensive. The clear, plastic bauble and other items can be brought from discount stores, but you may actually have many items already at home. When I've done this activity with children, they never cease to amaze me how creative they can be in coming up with things to add to the bauble. There really are no rules here.

Some people find it extremely difficult talking about deceased loved ones, particularly if the loved one was a child's parent or sibling. It's not uncommon for children (or adults) to hold things in because they're worried about upsetting other family members or they simply don't know how or what to say. After all, sometimes the right words just don't seem to exist.

If you would like any support for yourself or for your child, I invite you to contact me to organise a free, 15min chat to decide if I might be the right person to provide that support.

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