Parents & Carers


NDIS Plan & Self-Managed Clients 

No GP referral required

No Mental Health Treatment Plan required


Support that feels natural, not clinical

All of us need some extra support sometimes. Perhaps you or your child are grieving a loss or you're desperate for a good night's sleep. Maybe worry, fear or big emotions are getting in the way of your child's schooling. Maybe you're feeling overwhelmed or would just like to enjoy your parenting experience more.

At NaturalGrowth Childhood Counselling support is facilitated by:


Being outdoors in nature walking, playing or sitting in parks.

Outdoor spaces have many benefits for mental, physical and emotional wellbeing. If you're an adult, feel free to bring yourself a cuppa while we chat. If the person being supported is a young child, play and sensory materials will be included to help the child relax and engage with the process because play is naturally part of a child's learning tools.

Building coping strategies around the natural strengths you or your child already have.

Collaborating with parents to support their child.

If we want to see progress and positive changes for children, we need to acknowledge their brains are not yet developed enough to do this on their own. Sessions with children may be a mix of 'child only', 'child and parent' and/or 'parent only' time. 


My clients seek support with:

 Grief and bereavement

Parenting after the death of a partner

Strengthening the connection between child and parent/s

Parent coaching and up-skilling

General anxiety


School related anxiety

Supporting wellbeing for preschoolers starting 'big school'

Self-esteem and confidence

Time management and organisation skills

Managing stress 

If you're feeling nervous or unsure about reaching out, this is normal. You've come this far so I invite you to take the next step of phoning or texting me to organise a free, 15min phone call.